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A semester long investigation of ageism and design that fights against it.

Anti Ageism Poster Campaign:

All five of my final posters.

The prompt was to create a media series that calls out ageist beliefs or myths of aging. My response is a group of five large posters that are intended to exist in public space, such as subway station walls. The posters share a tagline “prejudice affects us all”, and focus on the importance of intersectionality in anti-ageism. No matter what prejudices a person may experience throughout their life, almost everyone will eventually face ageism. This theme is shown through life stories and symbolism for a different persona in each color poster, as well as a central, summarizing poster.


A screenshot of part of my instagram feed for this project.

Screenshots of my favorite pair of posts from me (above) and my partner Maureen (below).

This project was an attempt to create a dialogue and community between our Design 2 class and a Senior Planet NYC class, an intergenerational conversation. Over 30 days we exchanged posts based on a given daily prompt with our given partners. We were able to build a strong and intimate community where we shared our lives through the tool of Instagram.

Life in General Podcast:

Screenshot of the website homepage, with description written by me and Caroline Rubino.

Landing page for me and Katie's episode.

Our assignment was to create a short podcast episode that explores a theme of ageism through interviews, focusing on the idea of favorites. In addition, we were to create a website for our podcast as a class, collaborating on all aspects of the design. My partner Katie Owens and I decided to interview a variety of people, including our classmates and Katie’s family, about their favorite colors. We aimed to target the idea that there are questions that people stop asking as we get older, and figure out why that is.

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