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How to spend a Saturday Night the Riley way:

-go to dirty, dusty dance studio in the basement of a roach infested building

-do whatever the WCPR eboard tells you to do (plug things into other things and tape things down)

-listen to sick music made by wonderfully talented and passionate people who go to your school and friends* and take lots of photos and videos

-unplug lots of things and untangle all of the cords that your dumbass didn't wrap properly during set up, pick up one million ear plugs from the floor

-go home because mobile units are always b o r i n g

*most important step

October 7th 2017, Darkroom II, Featuring:

Josh, From the Island and Carbe Nola : and

Here's the flyer made by Kit :

Here are my photos from Darkroom, edited in Lightroom and shot with my Canon Rebel T6

Before I get to photos of the performers, special shoutout to these people, the wonderful people of WCPR, the real *stars* of darkroom. Thanks for making this thing happen and thanks for letting me help and teaching me things.

Photos from Kuni's Set

Photos from Alex's Set

Photos from Noah's Set

Photos from Josh and Tom's set

Video from Tom and Josh's Set ( this is shaky and awful im so sorry world )

Random Photos of people and things:

Crowd Shots:

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