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Trip to Philly to see A Boy Named John!!

My favorite band ( A Boy Named John ) went on their So We Live | So We Drive tour this past month, and sadly I was not going to be able to go to their home show to end their tour, so instead like any true fan, I convinced someone (Daniela) to drive me out to Philly to The Pharmacy to see them!!! And ohhh man it was a good time. The Pharmacy is a really cool little spot, but the lighting at the stage area was a nightmare for me considering I hate using flash, but these photos were just for fun so I don't mind that they aren't the best... IT'S THE MEMORIES THAT REALLY MATTER OKAY MOM?!?! anywayyyyyyyyyyy here's the phot------ nope I have more things that I want to say.

I'm super proud of my dudes for going on this tour, and incredibly honored that they commissioned me to make the flyer and even more honored that they made stickers with my art!! All of this fun stuff can be found on their instagram ( @aboynamedjohnnj ) so be sure to go check that out! They really are just the best humans ever. Alright now I'm done, here's photos

As always, shot with my Canon Rebel T6 and EFS 18-55mm lens and edited in Lightroom

Also, I'm sorry for the creepy pictures that I take of my friendos when they don't know but candids > people awkwardly smiling at the camera, am I right?? yes.

ABNJ Live Shots

Other fun stuff

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