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Boontunes March 4th, 2017

On March 4th, 2017 I went to my absolute favorite local music venue and shot some of my favorite bands for the first time ever! Boontunes is the cutest and safest local venue/record store I've even been to. The vibes are always great, the music is always killer, and the staff is always friendly. The bands playing this night were Sean Mulligan, Elephant Jake, The Company Kept, The Living Strange, and A Boy Named John.

All of these photos were shot with my best frand Daniela's Canon Rebel T3 with EFS 18-55mm lens and edited in Lightroom. Thank you again for letting me use your camera Daniela, I love you more than smooth peanut butter, but not more than crunchy peanut butter <3.

So here are my photos of A Boy Named John, The Company Kept and The Living Strange (and some fun double exposure edits of these photos).

A Boy Named John

The Company Kept

The Living Strange

Fun double exposure edits

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