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Full view of finished quilt.

Ocean Quilt

A visualization of the ocean in the form of a quilt. The culmination of my own imagination, fears, and background knowledge, plus research from a semester long focus on historical narratives of the ocean. Made as my final project for Visualizing Nature, Spring 2020.

Click here for my annotated bibliography with more information on the process behind this project.


Detail view of coral reef embroidered block, and watercolor painted reimagining of a Muryama illustration.


Detail view of a recreation of an illustration from Water Babies, and an embroidered Water Babies quote.


Detail view of embroidery in the shape of an oil rig.


Detail view of a pieced representation of kelp, and a painted reimagining of a Charles Knight's illustration.


Detail view of the giant squid embroidery.


Detail view of the bottom right of the quilt that is about mermaids in the ocean depths with a quote from Rivers Solomon's The Deep. 

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