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Pink Tiles, Hidden Piles, Dreamy Child, Riley Lies

A screenshot of the first view of my website. 

It is an artistic endeavor consisting of four objects that explore the intricate identity of a non-traditional quilter. Quilts carry with them the history of the person who made them, as do the fabrics and techniques used in the process. Quilts made as part of this capstone project fight for their individuality while bearing the burden of the memories, fears, and faults of their maker. The personal struggle expressed through the production and presentation of these objects reflects on the dominance of white, Christian, and heterosexual identities within Quilting, Stevens, and the bureaucracy of fine art and craft communities. Focusing on the identity of a non-traditional quilter reveals more than your average picture-perfect family quilt, bringing complexity and richness to the world of quilting and value to marginalized voices.

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